Use Web3 Data to Find Customers

Metastitch is Web3's crypto wallet intelligence platform for data-driven businesses. Activate on-chain data to unlock growth and power personalized decentralized commerce.

How Metastitch Works

Metastitch is a flexible, Web3-native wallet intelligence platform that helps your business capture, organize, and utilize your first-party Web3 data to deliver personalized commerce to the customers that matter most.
Onboard Your Web3 Community
Sync your Web3 community with the Metastitch Customer Data Platform. Automatically track and store customer first-party on-chain and off-chain data.

It's fast, it's easy.
Activate and Enrich Your Web3 Data
Define and create ideal customer profiles. Discover segments of crypto wallets across the blockchain with the Metastitch Wallet Discovery Platform.

Make your data work for you.
Leverage Reach and Measure Performance
Deliver relevant messages, backed by data, to the right audiences of crypto wallets. Track performance, measure outcomes, drive growth.

Rinse and repeat.

Data Integrations Where Your Web3 Customers Play

Capture first-party customer data where Web3 is actually happening with integrations to blockchains and Web2 platforms.

Join Web2 and Web3 data flows to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of your Web3 customers both on- and off-chain.
Polygon, Flow, Avalanche, and Immutable expected CY2023.